Saturday, April 9, 2016

MAY 17, 2016 - Benefit Art Auction for duCret!



MAY 17, 2016
6:30 PM - 10:30 PM
$65.00 / PER PERSON


Join the duCret Board, Faculty members and supportive friends at the Suburban Golf Club for a buffet, cash bar and Silent Auction, on Tuesday, May 17, from 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM.

Call 908-757-7171 for More Information.


Friday, January 15, 2016



Stop by the duCret auditorium for this free event, supporting and encouraging NJ youth and education. This event gives visitors the opportunity to meet Plainfield city's Mayor Mapp. Keynote speaker Marc Lamont Hill, performer Brother Hanz and DJ Lil Man and a host of local vendors. Refreshments available.

Stop by the event, mingle and pick up an array of brochures and resource fliers geared toward developing youth talent and launching them into careers.

Brochures on duCret spring semester classes, workshops and summer workshops, including summer art camp for kids and teens will be available.

All middle school and high school families welcome!


Register now for Spring Semester Classes (15 week courses) in a large variety of visual art mediums including: fine art, illustration, graphic design and interior design. Explore new career avenues or start a career in the visual art field. 

Call 908-757-7171 to schedule a tour and free art career consultation, Monday through Friday between 9 am - 4 pm. 

Registration for over seasonal 35 workshops, including summer art camp for kids and teens, all through Spring and Summer now being accepted. Register online via PayPal, by phone with credit info or by snail mail. Visit: 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

CNJ ARTICLE>Local Artist Makes Star Wars Fans' Dream Come True

The force may awaken in theaters on December 18th, but imagine waking up everyday to this Custom Star Wars themed bedroom with murals created by local artist Mark Romanoski.  

AS FEATURED IN CENTRALJMark has been a professional artist for close to 20 years.  His clients include companies such as, Warner Brothers Studios, Universal Studio’s, Marvel Comics, the World of War-Craft, Harry Potter and The WWE.  His murals hang both residentially and commercially throughout the New York, New Jersey area. They can be seen in the Newark Federal Court building, the Time Warner building in NYC, and a NJ Senator’s home.   

The Star Wars job had particularly special meaning both personally and professionally to Mark.    “I was 9 when the first  Star Wars Movie Episode 4 came out.  It was the last movie my father took me to.  I remember leaving the theater and my father pointed out that Darth Vader had gotten away and there will probably be another movie.  If he only knew.”   

The professional significance lies at the beginning of his career.   Early on, I was obsessed with being an illustrator particularly a fantasy illustrator.  Tim and Greg Hildebrandt were personal idols of mine.  Working together, known as the Brothers Hildebrandt they are legends in the field of illustration. They painted the original Star Wars Movie Poster.  One of Mark’s first breaks as an illustrator came when he was hired to work with and be mentored by Tim and Greg.  “ I have to admit I have been very fortunate in my artistic education and career.  Now with 20 years of experience, Mark is doing his part to help young artist.  He teaches art as an Adjunct Professor at Kean University and an Instructor at The DuCret  School of Art.  
Past clients who wanted their son’s room done in a Star wars theme commissioned the Star Wars Murals.  In order to survive as an artist you have to give 110% to each job.  When you have clients who love and appreciate the work it inspires you to give even more.  Everyday I would hear their 7 year old son come home from school drop his book bag and run up the stairs to see the day’s progress.   His face would light up.  No matter how small of an explosion or detail on a ship I would add he would immediately point it out. I swear the kid is going to grow up to be an art director. I found myself adding more and more details just to see his expression.   The two main walls measure 8.5 x 15. Not shown are two smaller walls, a 4 x 6 mural of Luke Skywalker looking over the dual setting suns with ghost images of Vader and Yoda in the clouds, as well as a full figure mural of a young Obi One Kenobi.  For the entire die hard Star Wars fans, in the lower right of the Space Battle scene, yes that is a Millennium Falcon cockpit bed. 

While he still accepts Mural and Illustration commissions, Mark’s current focus is on a new business, Significant Portraits by Mark Romanoski.  “ I’m taking a photograph prior to an event a Bar Mitzvah or a Wedding for example.  I create a close to life size portrait drawing in the middle of a 20 x 30 board and place it out at the reception.  The extra space around the board  allows plenty of room for guess to sign and leave personalized written messages, forever preserving the thoughts, sentiments and love of the day. I am really excited about this project  “ these Significant Portraits make a great keepsake for really any special occasion.

He is also very excited about a new class he is offering in the spring of 2016 at DuCret School of Art.  The class is based on Julia Cameron’s book THE ARTIST WAY.   The course is designed for artist and non-artist alike anyone who wishes to unblock and un-leach their creativity.

When ask if he had any Advice for young artist Romanoski stated, “It’s different today from when I started.  You have to be more balanced.  Always follow your passion and learn your artistic craft.  In order to survive in today’s field you also need to study the business side of things and be able to develop a business plan.” To contact Mark, e-mail Or visit his websites and

Friday, December 4, 2015

Annual Miniature Show - Sunday, December 4!


You're invited to bring the whole family to this Holiday Art Show, to view original and one-of-a-kind pieces designed by the duCret student body. Music, refreshments and a whole array of miniature artwork will be on display and for sale. Every year this show enables the general public to tour the campus, speak with the student artists and purchase affordable stocking stuffers and Holiday gifts - at affordable prices. Sales support the students themselves and help in their educative process for product production and marketing as well. View or purchase jewelry, ceramics, photography, graphic illustrations, stained glass, water color, acrylic, oil, pen and ink drawings and more!

Featured duCret Alumni, Tommy Athanasiou

Tommy Athanasiou is a 1986 graduate of The Ducret School of Art and has been a Creative Art Director and illustrator in both NYC and South Florida for the past 28 years. He is an accomplished painter specializing in pop art style pet portraits (, and the creator and artist of, which features pitbull-positive clothing and accessories. 10% of all T-shirt proceeds are donated to non-profit pitbull rescues each month. 

Late summer of 2009 brought an unexpected turn for Tommy, when his wife, Sharon, informed him of a terribly abused and injured pitbull named Smokey, who was being nursed back to health in California. With fundraising needed to help with sky-high vet bills, Smokey’s caretaker planned an auction of various items. Knowing her husband’s artistic talent could help out the pup, she volunteered Tommy to do a hand painted portrait of Smokey as an auction item. Tommy enthusiastically completed the pop art rendition of Smokey, excited to see how much it could bring in to help the brave pooch. Ultimately, the painting raised $300 for Smokey’s vet bills. Tommy was beyond ecstatic. But he wasn’t quite able to put the paint brushes down yet. 

Requests for dog portraits began streaming in from people who saw Smokey’s artwork. The TOMMY POP ART Studio was born. (TOMMYPOPART.COM,) Ten percent of every commissioned painting was donated to the non-profit animal rescue organization of the customer’s choice. And the more paintings Tommy created, the greater the demand grew....which was just fine for Tommy, since that meant more money donated to rescue.

The decision was made to focus all his time to this next chapter of his career. PITBULLSHIRT.COM was created to raise awareness about the plight of the pitbull, spread the message of rescue & adoption, and generate funds for pitbull rescue & advocacy non-profit organizations.All of his designs are positive and fun, and are great conversation-starters for those who enjoy pitbulls! 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Alumni Art Show & Sale - True Colors!

Saturday, October 17
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


For their third year in a row, duCret alumni have joined together to produce a fabulous original art show and sale. Just check out their Flier design - by Brittany Mackason! View the artwork and chat with the artists! It's FREE ADMISSION & FREE REFRESHMENTS, with Music by DJ Dustmite. Bring the whole family and let your kids get inspired!

To be held in the duCret Auditorium - with plenty of parking in back. 1030 Central Avenue, Plainfield NJ

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Brand New! Teen After School Art Program

A brand new program for teens that kicks off the week of October 5, 2015 enables teens to choose a specialty area of focus from a variety of mediums offered. Under the Teen After School Program, those between 13 yrs and 18 yrs can sign up for an 8 week series in Clay Works or Adventures on a Wheel, Web Design, Drawing Techniques of the Masters, Drawing or Oil Painting. The workshops run on weekdays between 4 pm and 6 pm and students can sign up for more than one workshop. Students can enjoy hand building and decorative techniques in clay, learn the basics of oil painting, develop drawing skills, get a taste of web design or explore mediums and techniques used by the Renaissance masters including black and white charcoal, and pen and ink. Teen BFF's are encouraged to sign up together.

Fall Season duCret Offers Multiple Workshops

Fall Semester at duCret has begun and though the courses for a professional art career education are now underway, there are still plenty of opportunities to become a part of the duCret community; through a series of workshops the school is offering. Starting with kids, the school will begin it's Saturday Morning Kids / Teens 8 Week series on October 3rd. This year in addition, there is a brand new Teen After School Art Program beginning the week of Oct 5, whereas five days a week, teens can select to focus on specific mediums offered. The seasonal Graphic Design Workshops (a six week series) kicks off on October 15 and 17, and individuals have the choice of either Thursday eves classes or Saturday Mornings. A brand new 12 week Interior Decorating Certificate Program has just launched this season. It will be offered again in the spring. For those looking to Travel in Summer 2016, there will be an opportunity to meet with trip advisor, Terry Scutro to learn about the upcoming trip. And Wed Eve Figure Open Studios begin on September 30 and run til November 18th. Here the general public is invited to practice figure drawing skills on the fine art floor. Tap the website for more info on all activities or stop in the administrative offices Mon - Fri, between 9 am  - 4 pm to pick up fliers and brochures.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Documentary Filmaker Focuses on duCret

2015 Graduate Rachel Wittchen is interviewed in the film.
For the past two years, film maker John Fazio of Fazio Filmworks has directed and produced a film on the current state of the visual arts industry, at the duCret School of Art. The film takes a deep look at the lives of emerging duCret student artists, a handful of duCret faculty artists and includes interviews with a few world recognized artists (such as popular cartoonist and illustrator Frank Thorne); some who have graced the school via talks, exhibitions or demonstrations throughout the years. The schools rich history in the field fine art education has churned out many successful artists over the decades. Several duCret School of Art graduates have successfully owned either production companies, are multi-published, or own galleries and businesses in the arts. A business-style mentor-ship applied during classes additionally guides students toward entrepreneurship, while they study and develop their foundation skills in the field of visual arts. This 'professional artist' to 'emerging artist' mentor-ship often transitions to a peer-type relationship, as many young graduates have been hand walked into the galleries, exhibitions and art shows that their mentors have long participated in. After spending three years with their mentors in classes, students step into an active community of recognized and successful artists as a way of breaking into the industry - as opposed to being handed a degree and being shown the door. Never straying from a traditional and old-style of one-on-one studio mentoring, and by keeping classrooms to a smaller size, students who attend duCret can develop themselves at a quicker pace. School Director, Frank Falotico, who is also a duCret graduate and who still teaches, has purposefully kept tuition costs low, including all throughout the college boon of the last two decades; where all college tuition's skyrocketed. duCret only raised tuition prices marginally in the last few years, when the economy turned sour, but for many decades, the school kept its tuition rates exactly the same, thus enabling graduating students a much lower debt ratio than most other schools of the area. The school is currently accepting registration for Fall Semester which begins September 8th.